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This site is envisioned as a peer-reviewed resource database designed to provide users with information on resources to enhance technology use in osteopathic medical education across the continuum from pre-clinical through continuing medical education. These resources specifically address the technology platforms that assist in providing curriculum, in all pedagogical formats. While using this resource site, it would be helpful if you would please rate the resource(s) you use, and provide comments informing others how the product was used and implemented by your institution and how it worked for you. We are strongly encouraging such dialog to assist in establishing best practices for use of technology assisted osteopathic medical education. Please note that this is a peer-reviewed site and comments will be reviewed prior to posting; therefore, it may take up to one week to appear “live”.

If you have a resource to contribute or would like to share product information, please complete the Submission Form. If you would like to share a curricular item, article, or conference, please submit via the UME-GME Resource Library. We look forward to the sharing of new ideas and innovations. If you have any comments as to how we can improve this website for you, please email the TME-TT committee at

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Teaching Medicine
Online resources for skills training, diagnostics, and theory modules developed by a Canadian physician. Resources are free with registration.

Blackboard Learning Management System
We are your partner in change—working along side you to enable success for your institution, by helping you leverage innovative technologies and services. From student retention to brand reputation management, Blackboard offers solutions to your most pressing challenges. In the classroom, across campus or via virtual engagement, from enrollment to advancement—institutions are delivering the type of connected and engaging learning experience, support network, and learning community today's students demand. Institutions are designing educational technology ecosystems to meet the specific needs of their learners. It's an initiative that's designed to create more flexibility and efficient engagement for educators and compelling student experiences, together driving improved institutional outcomes. With an open, scalable, and integrated platform that simplifies integration across existing systems, institutions are driving excellence throughout the student's journey. Institutions are leveraging data that is accessible, relevant and actionable to inform decisions and change behaviors. It's a strategic shift that uses data from all touchpoints and delivers insights at every level, providing the right information, to the right person, at the right time.

New Innovations
In Undergraduate Medical Education the management of your student data is a vital part of providing quality education. Share important information that simplifies and assists in documenting each step of the medical education process and inform your students of key events and tasks to be completed. Twenty percent of all undergraduate institutions trust our Undergraduate Management Suite to allow them to focus on the health of their schools so that educators and students can focus on learning. 1. Develop curriculum that results in entrustable graduates. 2. Audit student performance 3. Automate personnel matters 4. Manage personnel and schedules

Designed to simplify the administration of healthcare education, the E*Value system streamlines curriculum, coursework, scheduling, assessments, site management and more, with an all-in-one solution to help programs manage a vast amount of critical information easily and efficiently.

True Learn
True Learn provides data driven smart question banks for exam preparation. 1. Test: Relentless focus on question quality to ensure you are the most prepared for test items. Answer explanations provide students with key insights and simple, memorable bottom line explanations. 2. Assess: Analytics gives you insight into study habits, question responses, and peer tracking. Predict outcomes and provide insights to optimize study efficiency and maximize study performance. 3. Perform: Our students and residents average 20% improvement after completing a TrueLearn SmartBank. This can have a profound impact on your life and can be the difference when it comes to match day.

Leo (DaVinci) Learning Management System
Designed to address the inefficiencies that result from using too many systems to do too many things, DaVinci Education offers the most fully-integrated enterprise platform available for health sciences education. We call it Leo. From course management to curriculum mapping, from assessment and evaluations to patient encounter logs and lotteries, from faculty effort tracking to the Academic Portrait® — Leo helps you run your entire educational program from a single platform.

Built by medical professionals, Picmonic’s efficient & effective learning system paves your path to success from day one of school through your licensing exams and beyond. Picmonic is the study tool of choice for learning thousands of the most difficult to remember and most frequently tested topics, board exam prep and more. Our research-proven methodology incorporates the best study techniques by: Transforming forgettable facts into memorable stories and characters Covering an extensive library of study aids featuring need-to-know facts Providing a comprehensive learn-review-quiz study app system

AMA Health Systems Science Learning Series
This series of modules provides medical students with a clear understanding of how health care is delivered, how health care professionals work together to deliver that care, and how the health system can improve patient care and health care delivery.

Draw It To Know It
Whether you are administering a flipped classroom or just want to get the most out of your lectures, Draw it to Know it is a proven solution to boost student performance. We optimize content from across all subjects and disciplines for maximal learning efficiency. Drawing structures, pathways, and processes harnesses the kinesthetic power of active learning.

Doc Com Communication Skills
How does DocCom improve communication skills? Each of the 42 multimedia modules demonstrates fundamental and advanced interactional skills, while providing users with knowledge, skills review and opportunities for reflection. Through interactive videos, physicians demonstrate encounters with patients and provide text and video commentary on the interview. These real-world scenarios challenge learners to develop sensitivity to differing communication styles and difficult situations and improves their ability to respond respectfully and skillfully. What skills does DocCom cover? Modules address a range of communication and relationship-centered topics, ranging from core interviewing skills to advanced competencies. DocCom also covers psychosocial issues such as alcoholism, domestic violence, depression, behavior change and somatization, and professional issues such as mistakes, boundaries, mindfulness, teamwork and self-care.